Frequently asked questions

We’ve gathered questions asked frequently by our clients and gave concrete answers to them.

Frequently asked questions

How do we start with Green Light Bookkeeping?

Easiest way – talk to us. See the chat feature, our staff will be able to assist and show you how easy it is. And we won’t ask for any money upfront (a 100% cost-free guarantee to get started).

What sort of reports can we get from Green Light?

Every plan has the basics; Profit and Loss, Balance sheet, debtors, and payables. We pride ourselves on the extra reports we can do. We have some examples on our website and always happy to send you some. Also if you have a specific report you would like done, please ask us about it.

Can Green Light do BAS?

Yes, absolutely. Chat to us today if you have any questions about your BAS, GST or need any help and advice. We can also do your tax returns for as little as a $1*

Are Green Light staff qualified?

Yes, all of our bookkeepers are accountants and in turn, they are all supported and trained by team leaders who have over 20 years experience. All of our accountants are our employees we do not outsource our accounting team. – this is one of our core values.

I sometimes ask my current bookkeeper a question, can we use Green Light like that?

Yes. We’re here to help your business grow. Ask us. We have a great tax QnA portal so you’re able to ask questions via mobile or PC and have easy answers sent back.

Does Green Light process MYOB bookkeeping?

Yes, we do. The process is a little bit different for MYOB users but we have tried to keep all our pricing the same, whereas we notice others charge premiums of up to double the base rate.

How much can I save by using Green Light Services?

That’s a good question. We think our hourly rate is comparable to the market when you add apples and apples, so on a like for like service we estimate you’ll save between 50% and 20%. The big savings are with tax services and tax advice, what can we say, we aim to get your annual tax costs below $150pa. We don’t know what you currently spend on Tax but, would you like a better service than what you currently get?

Do we have to pay upfront?

No, you don’t have to pay upfront. You can start with Green Light straight away with nothing to pay and no obligations.

What types of business or industry can you help?

Any industry. Our main focus is on the smaller business because we think they are often overlooked when it comes to great service. If your turnover is less than $5m then any of our products and services would be a fit.

Can Green Light do tax?

Yes, absolutely. Chat to us today if you have any questions about your tax returns or need advice.

Can we meet with Green Light Staff to discuss our accounts?

Yes, you can. We reserve our face to face meetings for our Green Lights plan but happy to chat about your needs.

How do we pay Green Light?

You can pay Green Light by visiting our  Payments page. (contact support for details)

What services can Green Light offer?

Everything to do with bookkeeping. Plus a range of other related services; tax advice, tax returns, Annual Financial Statements, audit insurance and more. Check out our pricing page and services list.

Does Green Light offer a service where you can act as a director of our company?

Yes, we do. This is a specialized offering and you would need to contact us if this is something you need. We suggest that this is best suited to offshore companies who would like to have a branch or some sort of business footprint in Australia but don’t have someone here. We have offered this service for 20 years.

We are overseas and want to start a business in Australia, can Green Light help?

Yes. Everything from set-up, compliance, tax advice, banking, local directors and we have a network of trusted people to help with every business need from lawyers to payroll specialists. Chat to our service team and they will direct you to our senior staff.

What accounting packages does Green Light use?

Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks, Reckon and many more. Contact us if you have specific questions about a product we have not listed.

Where is Green Light Located?

Our head office is located in Sydney Australia and we have other offices around Australia in most capital cities. We are also developing offices in the UK and USA.

What are Green Light contract terms?

We don’t have lock-in contracts – you can stop using Green Light any time. See our terms and conditions.

What is remedial work?

Remedial work is where Green Light Bookkeeping needs to fix something which was done before we started. We guarantee everything we do, but sometimes we have to fix things from your past. Don’t worry, you always get the choice and know what to expect upfront, no hidden surprises.

What are Annual Financial Statements?

Annual Financial Statements are official accounting reports. For most of our clients you already have accounting reports in Xero or MYOB but some businesses like to have more formal reports produced and signed by an accountant. For most businesses your accounting package is good enough. Chat with us if you want to know more or this is something you desire.  

All of our bookkeepers are actual accountants working with the support of their Team Leaders. The result is top quality figures maintained by real accountants, and expressed with explicit clarity to our clients.

All of our Accountants are full-time employees – this is fundamental to delivering a professional grade service. Most have several years’ experience and are pursuing further study for their CPA or CA accounting qualification.

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